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  2018 Ski Trips


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Trip Leader
Okemo, Vermont January 7-10, 2018 Send your deposit and signed registration form to Margie. Margie Simpson
Sunday River, Vermont January 21-26, 2018 Send your deposit and signed registration form to Bob. Bob Pogel
Loon, Cannon, & Bretton Woods, New Hampshire March 4-9, 2018 "Only a few bus seats remain."  Send your deposit and signed registration form to Janet. Janet Levenson


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2017 Trip write-ups

          2017 Trips


 Status / Comments

Mont Tremblant, Canada February 26 - March 2, 2017

On Sunday, February 26th, 47 anxious RSC members took off for the far north and the hopefully great skiing at the #1 rated ski resort in the East, Mont Tremblant. After arrival, we were treated to a unique dining experience at the French restaurant, La Savoie, complete with giant melting cheese stand and broth and chocolate fondues. Monday and Tuesday brought mostly bright sunny skies and the huge mountain that is Tremblant, with excellent skiing and varied terrain for all skill levels on two very different northern and southern sides. Late Monday afternoon, we all met in the village at Le Shack, for an après ski party with endless hors d'oeurves and plentiful adult libations. Whew, this ski trip was really becoming hard to take. Tuesday evening, we all met in our intrepid leaders’ room (along with Carol B. and Nancy O.) for another dreaded après ski party, complete with pizza, endless hors’deurves, and more adult libations. (Is this legal?) Wednesday, mother  nature decided that it was time for a curveball, and brought out the rain-lots of rain. Fortunately for most of us, we had gotten in ample slope time the first two days, and rested up for another dining experience at La Savoie, this time cooking our meal on hot stone surfaces, and finishing up with another chocolate fondue. Huge thanks to Carol Wolfer for making this possible. Her planning, coordination, expertise, and most importantly, her time, once again delivered a fantastic trip for the 47 members fortunate to have participated.
***Paul Quirin***

Carol W.
Lake Louise, Canada February 12-19, 2017

Big thanks to Tom W. for a wonderful trip to the Canadian Rockies.  Lake Louise Inn was a lovely, convenient, accommodating stay for 22 trip participants.  We enjoyed a daily bountiful buffet breakfast and three dinners at the Inn.  Lake Louise Ski Resort was a short 5-minute bus ride.  The trails, scenery, lodges, amenities were outstanding! The varied terrain gives skiers endless opportunity. We had a mixture of sun and clouds, but when the sun beamed on the mountains it was breathtaking!  Every turn on a trail was another beautiful, rugged mountain peak. 
  Many of us skied one day at Sunshine Village Ski Area which is closer to the town of Banff. The 20-minute gondola ride from the base area through the narrow canyon up to the Sunshine “Village” was quite unique and something I had never experienced.  It snowed steadily,  light and fluffy, which hindered visibility but created wonderful conditions. Most of us took advantage of skiing with a knowledgeable mountain ambassador since we had limited time on the slopes at Sunshine and didn’t know our way around.  Our guide kept us below tree line where visibility was better and the snow was true powder.  I’m very happy the visibility got better before we had to leave later in the afternoon so we ventured to the top of Goat Eye above the tree line.  The wind was howling and cold, but what a gorgeous trail we skied.  I was disappointed that we couldn’t see the beautiful mountains at Sunshine, but it gives me a reason to go back! 

  Sandy F. tweaked her knee and Lori K. caught an edge and injured cartilage in her nose, but both skied the remainder of the week. Roger B took a possible fall while in a lift line and ended up in the Banff hospital overnight.  Fortunately, he was released the morning we flew home.  I’m sure all will agree that it was a wonderful, memorable trip!  ***Elise Kloesz***

Tom W.
Sunday River, Maine January 22-27, 2017

Once again the Sunday River Ski Trip was a great success.  This trip was run by Bob Pogel and found 98 Rochester Ski Club members skiing over four days enjoying great snow.  Monday, everyone was out enjoying the eight mountains and varied trails. Tuesday we had 4 inches loose granular snow and a little rain, which challenged many of our members all day and excited others. Some used the time to shop or just relax at the hot tub or gym. Wednesday we did much better on groomed trails, which as eastern skiers we are more accustomed. Thursday many members headed to White Heat and Obsession trails for the final challenge of the week. Many also ended the week with lobster rolls and beers at the White Cap Lodge.
  Thursday night we celebrated the 17 members that were 80 or older who skied for free at Sunday River.  Dave Hanning, our oldest member at Sunday River, who is 89 and soon to be 90, skied with Bob Wheeler all four days.

  A special “Thank you” to Diane Boesel who made 200 cookies for our snack bags at the beginning of our bus trip.  Also, thank you to Jim Peters who made our name tags for all of our dinner meals and “Thank you,” to Larry and Joy Seaman who took charge of bus #2.
  The long trip was nicely broken up by both buses having a variety of movies which were generously provided by Bob and Annie Bacon, as well as the usual thruway rest stops and lunch stops at the “99” restaurant.  
***Nancy Oberholzer & Sandy Foley***

Bob P.
Okemo, Vermont January 8-11, 2017

January 8-11, 2017 37 members of the Rochester Ski Club traveled to Ludlow, Vermont to start their Okemo Ski Trip.  We stayed in a new location this year, the Echo Lake Inn.  It was built in 1840 and has charm, history, antique furniture, and magnificent dinners and breakfasts were enjoyed by all trip goers.  Thank you to everyone who contributed to our before dinner cocktail party the food was as good as the company.  Skiing at Okemo Mtn. was cold but good, with the last day being sunny and 40 degrees.  I hope everyone recovered from their colds. I received many e-mails from the participants stating they loved the trip.    ***Sandy Foley***

Sandra F.

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