Rochester Ski Club  

Pig Roast - October, 2013

The annual RSC Pig Roast was held on Saturday, October 5th. Heavy morning rains in some areas gave way to a cool, cloudy afternoon without rain. Ninety-five members and guests enjoyed a friendly outing at the Braddock Bay Park in Greece. The food was catered by Tom Mitchell of Old Mill Catering and also by Nancy Peters. I extend a huge “thank you” to the pig who was totally committed to the affair. He was spread eagled on the hot charcoal grill with an apple in his mouth, a quaint smile on his face and wearing sunglasses. I wish to thank everyone who helped including but not limited to Jim and Nancy P., Bruce J., Bill and Bev M., Terry S., Monica B., Bob W., Nancy O., and Brooks L.  All leftover food was donated to Bethany House.   (Bob Pogel)

A huge Thank You to Nancy and Jim Peters who have been organizing this event since at least 2007 (and possibly before that).  In order to keep the cost down for the members, Nancy has been using her culinary skills to provide many extras - from multiple appetizers, sides of baked beans and sauerkraut, and at least 2 different desserts -- all delicious -- and for 100 plus people each year.  This is in addition to everything else that needs to happen - working with the caterer, member sign-ups, purchasing beverages, supplies, etc., and of course - organizing many helpers.  The club appreciates all of Nancy's and Jim's hard work, and expertise doing everything that needs to be done for a fun and well run Pig Roast!   And Nancy & Jim have always expressed their appreciation to all of the members that have helped over the years.    (Bev McElheny)




Photos compliments of Bev M.

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