Rochester Ski Club  

New Year's Day Chili & Soup Party - January, 2015

The club’s tradition of starting New Year’s Day at Swain continued with almost 40 members attending; a little lighter crowd than the past few years.  Swain’s snow guns were in full force, enticing some members to ski; and for a few of them, it was their first day of skiing this ski season.  Nancy Oberholzer, who chaired this year’s Chili & Soup party, appreciated the generosity of the members who arrived early and helped carry bins of supplies, crock pots, and beverages up to the room over the rental shop that Swain lets us use.  Setting up the room went quickly with so many helping hands.
This year everyone should have found a chili or soup to their liking in spite of Larry S. retiring his chili making last year.  We had 9 all-together!  Between our chefs, Jean B., Sue C., Corrine C., Anne F., Sandra F., Bev M., Mary (Bob) P., Nancy O., and Nancy P. there were 4 different crock pots of chili and 5 different soups.  Not sure anyone tried them all!  Members also brought plenty of appetizers, snacks, and a nice variety of desserts.  Everything was scrumptious.
Like previous years, there were plenty of good hearted conversations, many laughs, and plenty of good wishes for a great 2015.  The clean-up also went quickly with many pitching in to help; this is very much appreciated.  Thanks again Nancy - a very nice day!
(Bev McElheny)







Photos compliments of Bev M.

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