Rochester Ski Club  

New Year's Day - Chili Party- January, 2012

 This year’s annual Chili Party drew 40 hungry people down to Swain.  Actually it was chili and soup along with tasty finger foods.  With skiing conditions less than outstanding it was nice to see such a gathering of club members wanting to socialize.  Larry S. and Nancy "O" provided the chili while Shirley P. made Tortellini soup and Terry S. bean soup.  In addition to thanking our chili and soup makers for their time, ingredients, and cooking expertise and the other members for bringing the tasty finger foods and desserts, Bev and Bill M. who chaired the event, also thank Joy and Larry S., Betty G., Carolyn and Nick S., Carol B. and everyone else who helped with the set-up and clean-up. We very much appreciate RSC members' generosity!

 We ARE a great organization!  ***Terry S.***

P.S. From Bev & Bill - we think its pretty special to start the year with a rainbow and then beautiful sun!  Hopefully next year the slopes will be covered with a little more of the white stuff!



Photos compliments of Carolyn & Nick S. and Bev M.

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